Tuesday 29 December 2015

Wednesday of the 6th Week of Easter

Christian faith is such that we need to have an experience of it, as well as proper teaching of it. We cannot depend only on the experience of it, since we may not understand what is it we are really believing, and sometimes people could lead us astray with an experience of faith which has been manipulated by them for their own agenda. On the other hand, we cannot have only an intellectual-based faith, where we only learn about it but have no inkling about what it feels like, especially feeling the presence of God.

That is why, in today's Gospel, Jesus tells us: "I still have many things to say to you but they would be too much for you now. But when the Spirit of truth comes he will lead you to the complete truth, since he will not be speaking as from himself but will say only what he has learnt; and he will tell you of the things to come." Jesus has taught the disciples much, but depending on teaching alone is not sufficient. Experiencing the Holy Spirit is also necessary, so that we would be fired up and strengthened to go forth and preach the Good News with joy and courage. May we always strive to understand our faith well through proper study, and let the Holy Spirit fill us with love, strength, compassion and vigour, so that we may truly be His diciples bringing the Good News to all the earth.

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