Monday 7 December 2015

Tuesday of Holy Week

Each and every one of us are given many options to choose in life. Sometimes we make good choices, sometimes we make not so good choices. But whatever choice that we have made, God is constantly inviting us to choose life and to dwell in His love. It is ironic and tragic that there are people who choose to avoid God, but that is the reality of having the freedom to choose, and whatever choice a person has made, the person would need to be prepared to face the consequences of the choice made.

In today's Gospel, we come across two individuals who made a choice. Judas chose to betray Jesus, even though he had been with Jesus for such a long time. Peter tried to be a bravado and claimed that he was willing to lay his life for Jesus, but later chose to disown or deny Jesus when he was confronted. But the difference between the betrayal and the denial is this: Judas was not repentant of his betrayal, since he later went and killed himself. Peter, on the other hand, sought to make amends with the risen Lord.

So which individual have we become or are becoming? Are we becoming more like Judas, refusing Jesus and preferring to go our own way? Or have we learnt to become more like Peter, acknowledging or admitting our mistakes, and seeking to return to the Lord's ways and growing closer to Him? May we choose wisely, for our eternal future is at stake.

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