Tuesday 8 December 2015

Easter Tuesday

Usually on a Sunday, we may get a sizeable crowd for Mass. In some parishes, several Masses may need to be celebrated to accommodate the crowd. Sometimes, Masses may be celebrated in different languages, so that persons of different language preference would be able to understand and participate at Mass. However, just imagine for a moment... 3000 people coming for Mass at the same time. Surely such a situation would be unusual or amazing, especially on a Sunday, not a Feast Day, Solemnity or some other significant celebration, but an ordinary Sunday. If 3000 people coming for Mass at the same time is already considered phenomenal, just imagine if we had 3000 baptisms happening on the same day and time. Wouldn't it be a miracle? Could such a miracle happen ever again in our churches at this present time?

In today's reading, 3000 people were cut to the heart when they heard Peter's words, they were convinced by his arguments, and they accepted what he said and were baptised. What Peter said had moved the hearts of so many and changed their lives completely, bringing about their conversion. Likewise, may our hearts be moved like those 3000 people, and may we renew our zeal and commitment in bringing Jesus' Good News to others.

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