Thursday 17 December 2015

23 December - Season of Advent

Can old people conceive and successfully give birth? Some of us may be sceptical and say that such a thing is not possible to happen, since we think that old people have less energy and less ability to withstand the rigours of labour and pain. But sometimes, we do come across examples where old people are able to conceive and successfully give birth. One example of old people conceiving and giving birth would be Sarah, Abraham's wife, who was old and barren, and yet after so many years, she finally conceived and gave birth to Isaac.

Another example can be found in today's Gospel. Elizabeth, Zechariah's wife and Mother Mary's cousin, was also old. She too had been barren and it seemed as if there was no more hope or chance for her to conceive and successfully give birth. But God's ways are not man's ways, and God can make what seems impossible possible. Elizabeth did conceive and successfully give birth to a son, and the child was named John, who later became known as John the baptist.

If God could be so kind and merciful to Sarah and Elizabeth, and enabled them to have a child even in their old age, just imagine what He could do for us. May we have more trust and confidence in God, and let Him do what is best for us, in His time and for His glory.

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