Sunday 6 December 2015

Friday of the 5th Week of Lent

As Christians, doing good in this world is becoming more and more challenging and difficult to accomplish. This is because we are bound to stumble upon certain people who will criticise, find fault, belittle, or even persecute us no matter how big or small the good deed, gesture or task may be. Some people may even accuse us of trying to convert others or cause others to weaken their faith, just because we are doing some charitable task or work of mercy under the church. Perhaps in the past, the church may have had certain so-called Christians who caused Christianity to develop a bad name due to the counter-witnessing of such Christians. But as we know, every religion has had its share of good and bad followers. The question is: how do we help others to see our real purpose and good intention, so that they would come to know what being a Christian really means?

In today's reading, we see how the prophet Jeremiah was persecuted by his enemies just because he was speaking the truth. Likewise, in the Gospel, Jesus was persecuted because of certain words He said and for some, even the things He did were rejected. But did the prophet Jeremiah or Jesus back down from what they did or said? Did they stop what they were doing so as to pacify their enemies? No. Instead, they continued what they said and did, because they were trying to help others see and understand their real purpose and good intention, so that the world would come to know God who really loves us and God who invites us to remain in His love. Though we too may face trials and persecution, may we not give up or give in, but remain faithful in our witnessing, so that others may come to know what it really means to be a Christian, and give glory to God.

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