Sunday 4 February 2018

Saturday of the 2nd Week of Easter

Some of us seem to think that we must be in control of everything. We find it difficult to let go or to let others help. This is because some of us are perfectionists, or we lack trust in the abilities of others. However, the reality of life is that, in many instances, it is necessary for us to let others help. This is because we cannot possibly do everything or control everything, especially as we age and become less able to manage. Also, by involving others in the task at hand, we may free ourselves time for other matters, including rest, recreation, family time, and more.

In today's reading, the apostles realised that it was not possible for them to devote themselves to the spiritual needs of the community and at the same time attend to the physical and practical needs. So what did the apostles do? They delegated authority to seven men of good reputation, who would see to the physical and practical needs of the community, while the apostles continued to devote themselves to prayer and to the service of the word. In this way, both the spiritual and physical needs of the community could be attended to.

What about us? Are we willing to delegate authority to others so that they could help in sharing the Good News through different ways? May we learn to let go of our need to be in control, and delegate where necessary, so that we can devote ourselves according to our vocation, and in all we say and do, God may be glorified.