Sunday 12 June 2022

Saturday of Week 11 Year 2

Once upon a time, watches were generally marvels of mechanical engineering, especially those watches which are made to tick manually, one tick at a time. Back in the day, such watches were usually not cheap, yet they lasted quite long and did not need much maintenance. Occasionally, one would need to wind the watch so that the mechanism would continue functioning, but other than that, there was no need to meddle with the insides of the watch, unless absolutely necessary. Later, other ways of enabling such mechanism to function were introduced, but the basic concept of such watches remained manual.

In today's Gospel, Jesus is telling something related to such watches. What is He trying to tell us? Don't worry, be happy, take one tick at a time. You may not solve everything one shot, but given time and patience, and with God's help and providence, you will get there according to His will and His purposes. Even our heartbeat cannot be accelerated, otherwise we would get into serious trouble with our health. So let us tarry on one tick at a time, knowing that God knows what is best for us, and in all we say and do, let us give God the glory.