Sunday 27 December 2015

Friday of the 4th Week of Easter

Some of us may have experienced a situation called mid-life crisis, where we begin to realise that the many things we once enjoyed, can no longer be enjoyed; the many things we once could do, seem to be harder to accomplish; the many tasks we once worked so hard on, seem to be not much of a big deal anymore. When we are experiencing such a situation, some of us may be slipping towards depression, since our life and body condition is changing, as we are aging and we discover that we are no longer as before, sort of like "no more spring chicken."

But today's Gospel gives us some comfort. Jesus is inviting us: "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God still, and trust in me." What we are going through is part of life as we grow older, and instead of worrying or fretting, we should just move along and adapt to a different phase of life. Sure, we may not be as we were before, but does it really matter? With Jesus as our guide and help, what we can or cannot do is no longer our concern. We just do what we can, and offer all we do for the glory of God. May we keep on trusting in Jesus, knowing that He will be at our side, as we walk on.

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