Tuesday 15 December 2015

17 December - Season of Advent

Throughout our lives, we would have experienced times of greatness, times of weakness and moments of grace. Perhaps when we were young, we would have experienced greatness in our achievements, in our relationships with others, and in our relationship with God. Then some of us may have gone through a period of weakness, where we may have fallen away from our relationship with God and with our relationships in church. Some of us during this stage may have been too preoccupied or busy in our career or in other pursuits. Then some of us may come to realise that all the wealth and achievements we savoured or sought are actually not that important or that big a deal after all. It is during this time that some of us experience God's grace and we rekindle and strengthen our relationship with God and with church.

In today's Gospel, we also see moments of greatness, times of weakness and moments of grace. From Abraham to David, we see moments of greatness, with Israel becoming the chosen people of God and developing into a great and mighty nation. From David to the Babylonian exile, we see moments of weakness where Israel's fell from greatness. We see how Israel turned away from God and turned to sin. From the Babylonian exile to Jesus, we see moments of God's grace, with God's promises to Israel and its fulfillment in Jesus.

What stage are we presently in now? Are we facing moments or grace, or are we still stuck in moments of weakness? Are we still pursuing wealth, fame, power and all that the world has to offer, or have we come to realise that building a relationship with God is more worthwhile in the long run? May we not get caught off guard, and do our best to grow closer to God, who constantly beckons us to come to Him and remain in His love.

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