Wednesday 16 December 2015

21 December - Season of Advent

There are many reasons why we should remain joyful even though our country may be experiencing tough times, even though we may be facing difficulties or even persecution. If we look around us, we can see the joy of having the gift of life, the gift of good health, even the gift of friendship or companionship. We can see the joy in the faces of couples, who are expecting a child, as they go about making the necessary preparations. We can see the joy of a child, looking around with wonder and awe, since even the smallest thing or what seems to be trivial to many of us seems to arouse the curiosity and excitement of the child. Seeing that many joyful things, situations and events occur around us, no matter how big or small such joyful occasions may be, do we not feel joyful too?

In today's reading, Israel is invited to shout for joy, since "The Lord has repealed your sentence;
he has driven your enemies away. The Lord, the king of Israel, is in your midst; you have no more evil to fear." With the Lord by Israel's side, there is no longer any reason to be sad or fearful. Likewise, the Gospel tells us of the joy experienced by Mary and Elizabeth when they met. For Elizabeth, the sadness of previously being barren is over as God revealed His blessings on her. For Mary, she experienced the joy of seeing her cousin exactly as what the angel Gabriel had said, as well as the joy of things to come.

Today as we are preparing to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, may we remain joyful and hopeful. God is coming to help us and save us. Let us set aside our anxieties, fears and worries, and with joy and exuberance share the joy of the Lord with all.

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