Wednesday 9 December 2015

Easter Friday

Why do some people get annoyed or even angry so easily? Some people become annoyed or even angry when things do not go their way, when they are misunderstood by another person, or when their viewpoints clash with another's viewpoints. Some become annoyed or even angry when they are accused of being wrong, when they think they are right, and their perception causes them to believe that they are right. Some become so easily annoyed or even angry because they do not know how to or refuse to reason. Some become annoyed or even angry when they are insulted, when they incur a loss, or when they are trying to protect their pride or their greed. Our reactions vary in different situations, and sometimes, we may be making mountains out of molehills in our annoyance or anger.

In today's reading, Peter and John were talking to the people, much to the extreme annoyance of the priests, who were accompanied by the captain of the Temple and the Sadducees.These priests and Sadducees were extremely annoyed because their pride and ego had been hurt by the truth being proclaimed by Peter and John. But Peter and John did not back down and did not water things down to appease these priests and Sadducees. Instead, Peter and John continued to preach the truth, the Good News, with enthusiasm and vigour. Would we be willing to face persecution and even death, just like Peter and John, so that the Good News would be known to all?

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