Tuesday 8 December 2015

Easter Monday

What sort of persons are we? What sort of stuff are we made off? Do we have only outer strength, or do we have inner strength as well? Some people may have outer strength: for example, they have the military power, weapons, political and social influence, connections and standing, or some other form of external factor which gives the illusion that such people are strong and powerful. But the problem with outer strength is that such outer strength comes and goes. People with only outer strength could lose such strength at any time or at any moment. But how many of us have inner strength, which includes truth, integrity and other virtues which come from within us?

In today's Gospel, we come across examples of outer strength and inner strength. The soldiers, the chief priests and the elders, had outer strength, but they lacked inner strength, since they chose to cook up a lie and live on in fear and worry. Instead of being people of courage and bravery, they succumbed to cowardice and deceit. They failed to adhere to good principles and good virtues expected of them. On the other hand, the women, who were thought to be powerless, discounted and devalued, were the ones who lived up to the truth with courage and integrity. These women showed their inner strength, as they saw the empty tomb, the truth in the Risen Christ, and went off to proclaim the truth with joy and fervour.

Let us ponder and ask ourselves sincerely: are we people of merely outer strength? Or have we grown especially in our inner strength? Do we depend only on outer strength to define who we are? Or have we shown our inner strength through our words and actions? May we come to realise the folly and illusion of outer strength, and learn to follow the ways of the Lord.

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