Friday 27 May 2016

Tuesday of Week 24 Year 1

What does it mean to do noble work? For some, it means doing some sort of charitable task, or to carry out some form of social work or to volunteer for a good cause. But sometimes, people perform noble work for a reason. Some do so because they want to gain a tax exemption or recognition from the government. Some do so because they want others to look up to them or to gain admiration or praise from their friends and peers. But what is a Christian understanding of noble work?

Noble work, from a Christian perspective, is not so much what a person does, but the kind of person he or she is, that is the person's character. Today's reading gives us some important clues about the kind of character a person should have, which in a nutshell should be respectable and impeccable. The work or ministry that a person would be doing could only be noble when the person in question is of noble character. That is why, when it comes to clergy and persons who would be entrusted to positions of authority in the church, it is necessary to examine and scrutinise the person's character prior to ordination or appointment. May we be found to be of noble character, in our efforts to preach the good news to all.

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