Friday 6 May 2016

Tuesday of Week 18 Year 1

Why do people become envious or jealous? Some become so because they covet what someone else owns. Some become so because they feel the other person seems more talented or capable than them. Some become so because they feel inferior or have low self-esteem. What happens when we are jealous and envious? We become critical and judgemental towards ourselves and towards others. We forget that each and every one of us is precious to God, and we are made in a unique way. We want to be someone else or we want something which we don't have or lack. But what do we really gain from being jealous and envious? Are we living in truth, or are we living a lie?

In today's reading, we hear of how Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses in connection with the Cushite woman. But the issue here is not so much the Cushite woman, but that they were envious and jealous of Moses, and they used a trivial matter to express it. So what they said merely expressed what was really eating away in their hearts. Because of such envy and jealousy, Miriam ended becoming a leper and Aaorn begged Moses to intercede for them and cure Miriam of her leprosy.

What about us? Have we become lepers because of our envy and jealousy? We may not necessarily be stricken with the disease of leprosy, but the poison of envy and jealousy causes us to become like lepers, where our envy and jealousy eats away our being bit by bit, until we become monsters, filled with resentment, anger, or even rage. May we come to our senses and remove the envy and jealousy in our hearts, and learn to be content and happy with the Lord.

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