Wednesday 25 May 2016

Thursday of Week 22 Year 1

Among the many sins a person may commit, one which is quite serious is the sin of despair. What does it mean to despair? To despair basically means one has had a complete loss of hope, as if there is no longer any way out or one has given up completely. When this happens, some may resort to substance abuse, drugs, or alcoholism to try and numb the pain. Some may even resort to suicide as a way out of despair. But how should a Christian respond when he or she feels as if there is hardly any hope left?

In today's reading, St. Paul encourages us not to despair but to have hope in God: "You will have in you the strength, based on his own glorious power, never to give in, but to bear anything joyfully, thanking the Father who has made it possible for you to join the saints and with them to inherit the light." No matter how difficult or dangerous the situation we may be in, God will help us if we remain steadfast in hope and trust in Him. May we never despair or lose hope, and let God be our providence and guide.

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