Tuesday 3 May 2016

Thursday of Week 16 Year 1

When we are invited to a banquet by the king or sultan or some VIP (Very Important Person), we would surely make extensive preparations. We would make sure that we have decent and clean clothes to wear, we would bathe and use perfume to ensure our bodies do not release any odour, and we would rehearse any necessary protocol so that we would know how to speak and behave in front of such persons.

In today's reading, God told Moses that He is coming to His people, and Moses was told what were the necessary preparations. The people were to wash their clothing and hold themselves in readiness for the third day, because God will descend on the mountain of Sinai in the sight of the people. On the third day, there were peals of thunder and lightning flashes, a dense cloud, and a loud trumpet blast, and inside the camp all the people trembled. There was smoke and fire and the mountain shook violently as God came to His people. The people experienced God, but it was an experience that required preparation on the part of the people.

What about us? What sort of preparation have we made should God decide to come to our midst? Would we be ready for Him should He come? Have we observed the necessary preparations, such as keeping our souls clean? Or have we been procrastinating, thinking that we have plenty of time to get ready? May we not be caught off-guard, and be ready to meet our loving God at all times.

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