Friday 20 May 2016

Friday of Week 21 Year 1

For many of us, our lives are often filled with hectic schedules and we are busy most of the time. We seem to think that to do well or succeed in life, one has to work hard and play hard. But the irony is that sometimes, playing too hard and working too hard leads to stress, and we may end up in worse shape than before. Also, when we play too hard and work too hard, we may neglect in other areas in our lives, such as our relationships with others, our health, or even our relationship with God. What happens when we neglect something? We will face the consequences of our neglect later on, and by then it may be too late.

In today's Gospel, we come across ten bridesmaids: five were foolish, five were sensible. All ten were supposed to meet the bridegroom, but the foolish ones only brought their lamps without bringing extra oil, whereas the sensible ones brought both. The bridegroom was late and the lamps of the foolish bridesmaids were running out of oil. So these foolish bridesmaids had to go and buy more oil, and in their absence, the bridegroom came. As a result, the foolish bridesmaids ended up being locked out of the wedding hall.

Have some of us become like the foolish bridesmaids who ended up being locked out? Have we neglected our relationship with God until it is too late? God has given plenty of chances for us to grow closer to Him, and it is up to us to be sensible enough to do our part. So let us not procrastinate any more but stay awake, because we do not know either the day or the hour.

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