Friday 6 May 2016

Monday of Week 18 Year 1

One of the many challenges parents face when feeding their children is when their children are fussy over food. Some children are so fussy and difficult to please, so much so that some parents just give in to their demands, and spoil the child. Some parents resort to walking away in frustration, and let the child be without giving the child the kind of food desired. Some parents even resort to punishment, including a smacking or a scolding, to try and get the child to eat up what is on the plate.

In today's reading, we hear how the Israelites began to be fussy, not because they were hungry but because they were tired of eating manna, day in day out. God had already provided manna to sustain His people, but the Israelites were still fussing for the food they had in Egypt, even though the manna was actually more than enough to meet their needs. This caused the Lord's anger to flare out, and greatly worried Moses. But instead of causing the Israelites to face the Lord's wrath, Moses complained to the Lord and tried to intercede for them, begging the Lord to be merciful and generous to them.

What about us? Have we been fussy over many things, and yet neglecting in the essentials? How many of us have been fussy about going for Mass more often, or even fussy about going for confession to keep our souls clean? Are we fussing about things here on earth, or have we made effort to fuss about our eternal future?

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