Wednesday 4 May 2016

Monday of Week 17 Year 1

Being impatient and feeling insecure could sometimes lead us to committing an offence or even causing us to sin. For example, we are waiting for the traffic light to turn green, and due to a heavy volume of traffic, the light has not changed for quite some time. Some of us begin to become quite impatient or even irritated, and some may even drive forward, thinking that the traffic light is not functioning properly. But the traffic light is actually working, and eventually changes to green. But because we had moved on without waiting for the light to change, we may end up with a traffic summons, or even cause an accident as a consequence of trying to beat the light. When we feel insecure, we may begin to find ways to preserve and satisfy our wants and needs. Could some of us be impatient and feeling insecure, and end up doing things irrationally?

In today's reading, we come across the sons of Israel who were impatient and insecure. Just because Moses was not around for a moment, the sons of Israel thought that Moses and even God had abandoned them and they became increasingly worried and insecure. This made them make a gold calf to be their god to go at their head. Of course, their idolatry was inexcusable, and Moses had to plead with God on their behalf, and yet, God was still merciful and continued to guide them.

Sometimes we may have been impatient and felt insecure especially when we are experiencing difficulties, persecution or even the possibility of death. Some of us may begin to doubt, just like the sons of Israel did, on whether God still cares. But let us be reminded that God can and will help us. We just need to be patient and to have full trust in God, knowing that He would take care of us, according to His time and for His glory.

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