Monday 30 December 2013

Tuesday of Week 2 Year 2

When we go for a job interview, often the interviewer would look at the type of qualifications the interviewee has obtained. The interviewee's mannerisms, attitude, behaviour, appearance and other factors may also play a part on whether the interviewee is successful or not. Even in a relationship, some people seem to look more at the externals of a person, thinking that the more attractive ones are more desirable.

However, God looks at us differently. Today's reading tells us that "God does not see as man sees; man looks at appearances but the Lord looks at the heart." Our innermost being, often what many of us may overlook, is what God sees. Some of us may play games in the presence of others and appear to get away with it, but we cannot hide from God. Let us thus be genuine and true, for it is better to be who we are, rather than living a lie.

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