Saturday 7 December 2013

Christmas Eve - Midnight Mass

Most of us would not want to be alone during the Christmas season. We would like to be with our families, friends, loved ones and share the joy of Christmas with them. However, there are some of us who, for some reason or another, may not have opportunity to be with our families, friends, loved ones. When we are alone during this time, how would we feel?

When Jesus was born, He too was alone. Only His parents were there to welcome Him. The first people to know about His birth were the shepherds, who were also alone out in the fields with their flock. Shepherds were considered unclean, according to Jewish law, as they had contact with all sorts of animals. However, what is surprising is that the angels came to announce the birth of the King of kings to them. We often think that such an announcement should have been made to kings, the powerful, the rich... But to shepherds? Yet, these shepherds were the first to know and the first to visit our new born King.

Look around us... Do we see people who are alone around us? Do we invite them to share the joy of Christmas in our homes? Do we bring the joy of Christmas to them, if they are unable to come join us? We may have received many gifts or presents for Christmas. Are we willing to offer gifts and presents to others around us, especially those who are alone, marginalised, suffering, etc.? In our merry-making and joy, we may forget those around us who are alone. We may even forget the real meaning of Christmas: the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We may have been influenced by worldly distractions such as giving gifts to each other, santa claus, santarinas, frosty the snowman, etc. "Today a saviour has been born to us, he is Christ the Lord." Let us bring the joy of Christmas to all around us and we as one faithful rejoice His birth.

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