Tuesday 24 December 2013

Monday of Week 1 Year 2

In certain societies, a woman may be showered with lots of affection and gifts from her husband, but if she is unable to bear him a child, she may be looked down upon or ridiculed. Even though her husband may not be bothered about her condition and love her nonetheless, the ill-treatment by others around her can be quite demeaning and painful to bear. Hannah in today's reading was facing such a situation. Some other women may have despaired due to their situation, but Hannah chose to cry out to the Lord and the Lord was mindful of her, and she conceived and gave birth to a son.

Sometimes in our lives, we too may face difficult situations similar to what Hannah faced. Are we able to continue to hold our heads up high and depend on the Lord's mercy and providence, knowing that the Lord would provide for us in His time, just as He provided for Hannah? Perhaps our prayer may not be answered quickly or in the manner we expect, but let us persevere and not lose heart, knowing that God would be mindful of us and help us.

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