Thursday 19 December 2013

Tuesday after Epiphany

When we hear of some people loving others without any hidden agenda or condition, we call that unconditional love. However, we sometimes come across people loving others because it is beneficial to them, and such love would be advantageous to them in some way. What about us? What sort of love do we have and practise?

Today's reading reminds us that love comes from God "and everyone who loves is begotten by God and knows God." Also, today's reading tells us of God's unconditional love, where He "sent into the world his only Son so that we could have life through him..." We also see in today's Gospel how Jesus loved the crowd by not only teaching them, but also feeding them by performing the miracle of the multiplication of five loaves and two fish. Do we really know God and are willing to love unconditionally just as God loves us unconditionally? Are we following Jesus' example in loving all?

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