Saturday 14 December 2013

6th day within the octave of Christmas

Some of us would have struggled through life to be in good relationship with God. Sometimes, we may feel as if our efforts are not bearing much fruit; or being and staying good seems like an uphill task. However, today's reading is a great source of inspiration and comfort for us:

"You must not love this passing world or anything that is in the world. The love of the Father cannot be in any man who loves the world, because nothing the world has to offer – the sensual body, the lustful eye, pride in possessions – could ever come from the Father but only from the world; and the world, with all it craves for, is coming to an end; but anyone who does the will of God remains for ever."

Do we have the love of the Father within us? Or have we begun to love the world more? Though we need to survive in this world, let us not be overwhelmed and seduced by its embrace. Though we do not know when the world would actually come to an end, let us not be caught offguard. Our goal ought to be to remain forever with God.

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