Tuesday 17 December 2013

3 January

Sin and God are incompatible. So if we sin, we are distancing ourselves from God. Sometimes we find it difficult to stay sinless, because of all sorts of temptations and attractions of the world. However, we have much opportunities to cleanse ourselves from sin by going for confession. The question is: have we been regular for confession? Do we value this precious sacrament?

Today's reading assures us that "we are already the children of God but what we are to be in the future has not yet been revealed; all we know is, that when it is revealed we shall be like him because we shall see him as he really is." The reading also admonishes us by reminding us that "Surely everyone who entertains this hope must purify himself, must try to be as pure as Christ. Anyone who sins at all breaks the law, because to sin is to break the law." If we want to remain in Christ, we must make every effort to avoid sin. If we sin, we must purify ourselves by going for confession. Let us not be shy or procrastinate, as our time is short. We do not know when the Lord will call us, so we should always try to remain ready, clean and pure to meet him.

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