Thursday 26 December 2013

Tuesday of Week 1 Year 2

Exorcisms should not be taken lightly. We sometimes hear people claiming to be able to cast out evil spirits, but they may not necessarily be ready or able to do so. One needs to have a certain "authority" to be able to perform exorcisms. Sometimes, what we think is a manifestation of an evil spirit may not necessarily be the case. Evil exists, but we should not jump into conclusions whether a person is truly possessed or not. One needs to verify genuine cases from merely psychological or medical-based ones, and also one needs to be fully and properly prepared physically and especially spiritually, before any exorcism is attempted. In other words, one should not play play with such matters as it could mean a matter of life or death.

In today's Gospel, Jesus not only taught with authority, but he also had authority over unclean spirits. If we are to be genuine and with "authority" to perform exorcisms, then we should follow Jesus example closely and ensure that we are physically and spiritually ready at all times for any situation. Being God's instrument in casting out evil spirits is not a simple matter. Are we honest and humble enough to trust the Lord and be prepared to face any consequences? Are we performing such exorcisms for the glory of God? Let us examine ourselves carefully and not be blinded with personal intentions or personal gratification.

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