Tuesday 10 December 2013

Dec 26 - Saint Stephen, the first Martyr - Feast

Most of us are still in a merry mood, as this is the season of Christmas. All of a sudden, the church brings in this feast of St. Stephen. Some of us may feel that this feast seems out of place, or seems to spoil the mood. However, we must not forget the real purpose of Jesus coming.

St. Stephen whose feast we celebrate today reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice we ought to make. If we are challenged to give up our faith, or if we are threatened with death if we do not commit sacrilege, would we be willing to die for the faith? This ultimate sacrifice is not easy to do, especially since some of us may value our lives and may find it difficult to just let it go for the greater glory of God. However, should we be put in such a situation, what would our response be?

This feast of St. Stephen reminds us that Jesus came to offer His life for our salvation, and on the cross he did just that. Would we be able to put aside our fear and doubt and offer our lives as a pleasing sacrifice for the faith? May God give us strength and courage to do what is right when the time comes.

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