Wednesday 1 June 2016

Wednesday of Week 26 Year 1

In today's reading, we come across Nehemiah who was a slave and the king's wine-attendant. The duty of a wine-attendant was to ensure that the wine tasted good and was not laced with poison. If the wine tasted bad, Nehemiah could lose his head. Not only that, Nehemiah had to serve the wine with a happy face, otherwise he could be punished. So when the king asked why did he look so sad and what was in his heart, a great fear came upon him, because he risked punishment for looking sad, and he wanted to go back to his homeland to rebuild his ancestral city, but he was afraid that the king might get offended by his requests.

Nehemiah called on the God of heaven, and then made his request to the king. To his surprise, all that he asked for, even the timber for building of the Temple, was granted. Why was Nehemiah able to have all his requests granted? Because Nehemiah called on the Lord first, and the favour of the Lord was upon him. So the next time we are faced with any choices or decisions, and before we make a choice or decision, let us call on the Lord first, so that His favour would be upon us.

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