Wednesday 8 June 2016

Friday of Week 33 Year 1

In the reading, the temple was rededicated with so much reverence and rejoicing after the pagans had desecrated it. The people prostrated in adoration and praised God for being with them again, because the Temple symbolised the God presence among them. Yet, at the time of Jesus, the Temple had become a "den of thieves," as mentioned in the Gospel, because of the selling that was going on, and in the hustle and bustle of selling, there would have been much noise and cheating going on, causing the Temple to be desecrated once again. Naturally, Jesus would not tolerate such nonsense going on in the Temple, and He drove out those who were selling, to restore the Temple to its sacred dignity as the dwelling place of God, a refuge for those in trouble and in need, and a sanctuary of life and love.

Just as Jesus drove out the sellers to restore the Temple to its sacred dignity, Jesus wants to cleanse the temple in our hearts, by driving out the sin which is desecrating it. Are we willing to let Jesus cleanse our hearts, especially through the sacrament of reconciliation, so that it would become a dwelling place of God once again? Or are we remaining stubborn and obstinate, preferring to let our hearts remain as a "den of thieves?"

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