Wednesday 1 June 2016

Wednesday of Week 25 Year 1

During our parents time, when they were young, life was not as easy and convenient as it is nowadays. Back then, people had to struggle to survive, some would have experienced the horrors of war, life was full of uncertainty, especially if one was living under colonial rule, and many challenges and difficulties lay ahead. But people did their best to remain sane and cheerful, and go through life as best they could. In contrast, how many of us appreciate what our parents went through so that we could live better, more peaceful and happier lives? How many of us give thanks for the sacrifices and perseverances of our parents, so that we could be where we are today?

In today's reading, Ezra looked at his people and remembered how they were sent into exile. They had sinned against the Lord and were punished by being conquered by their enemies, and sent into captivity and slavery. But the Lord was merciful and now a remnant has come back to rebuild the Temple. Ezra remembered the past and he was taking nothing for granted in the present, and was grateful and thankful to God for His love, care and mercy.

What about us? Are we taking things for granted for the many good things and peaceful lives we have today? Do we show gratitude and thankfulness for the many sacrifices made by those who have gone before us? May we always remain grateful and humbled, and never forget to let God be in the central of our lives. Otherwise we may face the danger that when we have too much of everything, we become proud and arrogant, and our relationship with God could be reduced to almost nothing.

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