Tuesday 7 June 2016

Monday of Week 32 Year 1

Life is meant to be lived with simplicity and joy. But the problem that we get ourselves into is when we allow our lives to be complicated and cluttered with sins like hypocrisy, craftiness, being cunning or scheming, wanting things only our way, and so on. We begin to think and deceive ourselves that the sins we commit are not so serious, and that we have plenty of time to go for confession to remove such sins. But sin stains our soul, and the longer we take to have it removed, the harder it would be for us to remove the stain. Just as a stain on clothing would ruin the clothing, the stain of sin on our soul would ruin us and ruin our relationship with God.

In today's reading, we are cautioned: "Wisdom will never make its way into a crafty soul nor stay in a body that is in debt to sin; the holy spirit of instruction shuns deceit, it stands aloof from reckless purposes, is taken aback when iniquity appears." When we allow sins to fester in our soul, we lose our connection with God, for God and sin are incompatible. That is why, we should make every effort to have our sins removed by being regular in confession, and strive to "love virtue... let honesty prompt your thinking about the Lord, seek him in simplicity of heart; since he is to be found by those who do not put him to the test, he shows himself to those who do not distrust him." Are we willing to take action and return to the Lord's ways, before it is too late?

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