Wednesday 8 June 2016

Thursday of Week 33 Year 1

Supposing you are the mayor of a city and you are known to be an impartial, fair, just and efficient leader. Then one day, you receive instructions from the higher ups in the government that all newborns are to be examined, and any newborn is found to have some defect, that newborn is to be exterminated without delay. Would you obey such an instruction? Or supposing the instruction says that all old people above 70 are no longer productive, and they are to be exterminated without delay. Would you obey such an instruction to protect your livelihood and avoid being persecuted or even put to death? Or would you rather go against the government, even if it means losing your job, your status, or even your life?

In today's reading, we see how Mattathias and his sons chose to do what is right and just and obey God's orders. The reading tells us that, "In his zeal for the Law, Mattathias went through the town, shouting at the top of his voice, ‘Let everyone who has a fervour for the Law and takes his stand on the covenant come out and follow me.’ Then he fled with his sons into the hills, leaving all their possessions behind in the town. At this, many who were concerned for virtue and justice went down to the desert and stayed there."

Such leadership by Mattathias and his sons inspired many others to follow their example and remain faithful to God. As leaders, are we showing fervour and good example, encouraging others to do the same? Or have we misused our leadership for our own gain, and caused others to go astray? Are we leaders only for our own interests, even if it mean committing evil? Or are we being leaders for the good of all and for the glory of God?

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