Tuesday 7 June 2016

Thursday of Week 32 Year 1

If someone were to come up to you and say that the world is going to end, and that you should come for a gathering to prepare for the end, would you go? Quite likely you would not, but there are some who are so easy to be tricked, and when they go for such gatherings, they may end up losing their wealth or posessions, since persons organising such gatherings use scare tactics to make others part with their belongings, in preparation for the so-called end. Then once these people have gotten their loot, they make a quick get-away, and those who were gullible enough to listen to them may find themselves in a lurch.

In today's Gospel, we are reminded that "The coming of the kingdom of God does not admit of observation... They will say to you, “Look there!” or, “Look here!” Make no move; do not set off in pursuit..." Are we going to be so easily tricked or influenced by others and start worrying and fretting? Or are we going to continue to trust in our loving God and build our relationship with Him, knowing that He will care for us no matter what happens? May we not be so easily duped or taken for a ride, and let the Lord be our providence and guide.

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