Friday 17 June 2016

Wednesday of the 1st Week of Advent

When we see a beggar or some poor people coming to us and asking us for some food or money, what do we do? Do we help them, or do we ignore them completely? If we do help them, do we give them some money just to shoo them away or get rid of them, thinking that we have done our part, or do we go that extra mile and make effort to help them for a longer period, perhaps even helping them come out of their poverty?

In today's Gospel, we see a contrast between Jesus and His disciples. The disciples seemed to be more concerned about their needs, but Jesus was more concerned about the crowd, not only by teaching and healing them, but also in seeing to their welfare by giving them something to eat. Logistically speaking, the disciples seemed worried and concerned about their situation, since realistically, it seemed impossible to feed so many. But Jesus is not just any ordinary preacher, and He showed them the true meaning of love and compassion by willing to give until it hurts, and taking that extra step in giving the crowd something to eat.

What about us? Would we be willing to go that extra mile and help those in need, even if it means giving till it hurts? Or have we become so concerned only about the costs and about ourselves? May we learn to be like Jesus in the way He loved and served the crowd, so that in all we say and do, may His Name be glorified.

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