Wednesday 30 October 2013

Tuesday of Week 31 Year 1

When we are invited to a free feast or grand function by a celebrity or royalty, many people may rush to attend, since this would be an opportunity to get a glimpse of the celebrity or royalty and possibly rub shoulders with them. However, it seems strange that when we are invited to a free feast at the Lord's supper each day, not many people are "rushing" to dine with the King of kings, Lord of lords.

This is basically the gist of today's Gospel. Some of us are so anxious to be at a feast or function by a human celebrity or human royalty, but few of us are anxious to dine with our Divine Celebrity and Divine Royalty. Seems ironic that some of us are focusing more on the temporary here on earth. Are some of us forgetting our ultimate goal in life, i.e. to be with our loving God?

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