Friday 25 October 2013

Monday of Week 29 Year 1

What sort of riches are we striving for? Are we focusing only on riches here on earth, or have we been making effort to attain riches in heaven?

Today's Gospel gives us an excellent opportunity to reflect what is most important to us. This passage also reminds me of an e-mail I received awhile ago:

A man lay dying on a bed surrounded by his wife and children. He had millions in the bank and was afraid of losing it all. So he said to his wife: "When I die, make sure you withdraw all my money and place it in my coffin for burial." His children were aghast with such an idea but dared not say anything. The man died. After the funeral, the children asked their mother: "Mom, did you actually do as dad asked?" The mother smiled and replied: "Don't worry. I am not stupid. I wrote him a cheque and placed it in the coffin!"

Is wealth and property here on earth all that matters? Or have we been making effort to be in good terms with our loving God?

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