Friday 25 October 2013

Friday of Week 27 Year 1

When a person is blinded with envy or jealousy, then anything that other people do, no matter how good or noble the deed may be, is seen as evil or bad. This was the problem with some people during Jesus' time. Due to their narrow-mindedness and self-centeredness, they saw him as a threat as he was doing good deeds and attracting large crowds, possibly causing their own "fans" to dwindle.

We too could fall into the same trap, especially when pride and greed have taken over our being. Instead of belittling others just because they are doing better than us, let us be reminded that ultimately, what we are doing is for the greater glory of God.

Non nobis, non nobis, Domine Sed nomini tuo da gloriam (Psalm 115:1)

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