Tuesday 29 October 2013

All Souls Day

In life, there are many things we can try to avoid. Some of us would go through great effort trying to avoid illnesses. We buy vitamins, healthy and wholesome food, regular medical checkup, etc. as part of our effort to stay healthy. Some of us try to avoid conflict and arguments in our family and relationship. Others try to avoid situations which could be dangerous or fatal.

However, we know that there are things which we cannot avoid. The first is taxes, which we pay in one form or another. Whether it is income tax, road tax, GST, Assessment Tax or Quit Rent (Cukai Pintu), we are taxed and taxed.

Another thing which we cannot avoid is death. All of us will die some day. Nobody lives forever. We can try to find ways and means to prolong our lives, but we will eventually die. Our bodies are corruptible. Even the things which we invent and use here on earth are corruptible. But there is something which lives on even after our bodies are dead and gone. That something is our souls.

Today we celebrate All Souls Day. We remember the many people (family, friends, acquaintances, loved ones, etc.) who have gone before us. We have hope that these people, through the love and mercy of God, would be with God. The 2nd reading reminds us that we are filled with joyful hope and trust in God. Thus, let us then rejoice today, knowing that Christ has won the victory for us. Death can no longer conquer us because death is already conquered by Christ. Let us not be saddened over the death of our loved ones. Instead, let us rejoice with them for they have finally come to their rest with God.

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