Friday, 25 October 2013

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

As we become more accustomed to having things done quickly, we become less tolerant in waiting. We want bigger (or smaller in some cases), faster, better, cheaper, etc. What was acceptable years ago is now not enough. Things very quickly become obsolete.

Perhaps some of us have forgotten what it means to slow down, to wait, to spend time with family and with God. How many of us actually spend some time in front of the Blessed Sacrament with the Big Boss? When we pray, do we discover that we cannot rush and take time to listen to His voice? Otherwise, what is the point of praying?

In today's Gospel, we see how the widow kept on coming to the judge for justice. She was persistent and had faith that she would get justice. Eventually, the judge gave her what she wanted, though she did not get it as quickly as what we would have expected. The important point here is this: the widow had faith she would get justice, and she was willing to wait and remain persistent.

What about us? When our prayers are not quickly answered or if the Lord does not grant us our requests, are we going to give up? Or are we willing to wait and have faith that our loving God will do what is best for us?

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