Thursday 21 April 2016

Wednesday of Week 12 Year 1

At some point of our lives, some of us may have encountered doubt. Some of us doubt about where we are heading in life, some doubt about our abilities, and some of us even begin to doubt about whether God cares. In our doubt, some of us may have the tendency to look inwards at ourselves, and we begin to ask questions centered on ourselves. The danger of muddling in such doubt is that, for some of us, we may remain stuck in our inward selves, constantly wondering and pondering, and we seem to be not getting any answers or solutions to such doubt.

In today's reading, Abram seemed to be having such doubt and began looking inward. The reading tells us that Abram wondered and questioned: "What do you intend to give me? I am childless and You have given me no descendants!" But God did not let Abram remain stuck in a rut. God took Abram "outside" to look up at heaven and count the stars, to help Abram come out of his introspective and narrow-looking attitude, so that Abram could see further and believe deeper.

In a way, God is inviting and leading us too to come out of our inward looking, and begin looking outside at the heavens and count the stars. Let us not doubt any longer, but come to realise that we are in God's hands, and that we must remain in faith, trust and confidence in His care and providence.

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