Friday 22 April 2016

Friday of Week 12 Year 1

What would you do if you are already an 80 years old lady and a priest were to say to you that you would soon have a child? Quite likely you might respond: "Come on father... Don't be silly. I am too old to conceive." Some of you would laugh and think that the priest is joking. Some of you may even think that the priest has lost his marbles (in other words, gone crazy), and some of you might even avoid speaking to the priest for a while, hoping that he would not say such things again.

But the irony of ironies is: such things can happen. In today's reading, such a thing did happen. Abram was told that his wife Sarah would conceive and bear him a son. Abram thought that God was joking as he was already 99 years old and his wife Sarah was also quite elderly. But as it turns out, God was not joking at all. Abram did have a son, and the son became known as Isaac, whom God chose and established a Covenant with.

Now, before any of you begin hitting the panic button and worry that God might pull a prank on you and make you conceive, the main point that we can gather from today's reading is not so much about having babies, but having trust and confidence in God, no matter how challenging or unlikely the odds may be. If God could enable a person so old as Sarah to conceive, just imagine what wonders God could do for us, if we depend on Him and let Him be our help and guide. Let us not doubt any longer, for when it comes to God's help and providence, it is certainly not a laughing matter.

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