Saturday 9 April 2016

Friday of Week 9 Year 1

Among the Jews the most common title for the Messiah was Son of David.This title was connected to another, which is the title "the Christ" which means the anointed one. The religious authorities at that time maintained that the Christ must be a direct descendant of King David. However, this posed a problem, since Judah had been conquered by the Persians, and this caused King David's direct line of descendants to be terminated.

When Jesus quoted the psalm from David and explained it, He cleared the confusion and doubts the people had in their minds. Jesus quoted the psalm to show to the crowds and the Pharisees that the Messiah was more than a descendant of David because David calls this descendant of his, “my Lord.” This is to show that David views the Messiah as his Lord and superior. When Jesus said these words, the people were delighted, because they could now believe again. Many of them already accepted Jesus as the Messiah and as the Son of David, and what Jesus explained to them further strengthened their confidence in Jesus.

So what does it mean for us when to acknowledge Jesus as Lord? To acknowledge Jesus as Lord means that we should owe our full submission and loyalty to Him. But do we really give to Him our loyalty? Do we take delight in knowing that we have a Lord who is far greater than any other? May we happily, gratefully and humbly acknowledge that Jesus is Lord and invite him to be the King of our hearts and the ruler of our thoughts, relationships, and in all that we do.

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