Thursday 21 April 2016

Tuesday of Week 12 Year 1

In this world, some people seem to be only more concerned about themselves. They practice "survival instinct" or "survival of the fittest," and they try to grab as much as they can. Such attitude and behaviour can lead to greed and selfishness, since not only are they grabbing all they can, some would even go so far as to deprive others of their basic needs, so that such persons would benefit or prosper even more. Could some of us Christians be having such behaviour or attitude?

In todays's reading, we see an example of having a "survival instinct." In the reading, Lot and Abraham had a dispute as there seemed not enough place for both of them to co-exist. Abraham was older, but he was generous enough to let his nephew Lot to choose which part of the land to take. Using survival instinct, Lot quickly chose the choice lands (in other words, the part which seemed better or richer in resources). But because of his generosity and his giving way to Lot, God blessed Abram and his land.

As Christians, would we be willing to give way to others and not let our "survival instincts" take control of us? Sometimes what we may be letting go may turn out to be for the better. Would we be willing to check our "survival instincts" and let God be our help and guide?

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