Thursday 7 April 2016

Monday of Week 9 Year 1

It seems easy to call ourselves Christians, but to live as Christians in any given situation is a different thing altogether. When times are good and peaceful, being a Christian may seem easy, but when we are faced with grave danger or even the possibility of being put to death for our faith, how many of us Christians would persevere and remain faithful?

In today's reading, we come across Tobit who said: "I, Tobit, have walked in paths of truth and in good works all the days of my life. I have given much in alms to my brothers and fellow countrymen, exiled like me to Nineveh in the country of Assyria." Even though Tobit was in exile in Nineveh, and even though the environment in Nineveh was hostile to Tobit and people of the same faith as him, Tobit was not afraid to practise his faith and be charitable to others. Tobit was willing to take risks and put his life on the line, to show his faith. What about us? Are we willing to do the same, even in the midst of severe persecution? Are we saying that we have faith only in mere words and nothing more? Or are we making effort to show our faith fearlessly?

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