Monday 25 April 2016

Monday of Week 14 Year 1

Supposing your child or an elderly parent or relative has just died, and suddenly someone comes and tells you that the deceased is not dead, but merely sleeping, how would you feel and how would you respond? Quite likely you would think that the person saying such things is being mean or absurd, and you may even ask the person to leave before you take stronger measures or actions. Supposing the person saying such things was brought to the house by a sibling or someone close to you, and that sibling or someone has great faith in the person's ability to restore the deceased to life, would you trust your sibling's judgement? Or would you still refuse to believe and get angry or upset?

In today's Gospel, the official had great faith and trust in Jesus. The crowd, and possibly other members of the family did not. It was because of the official's great faith in Jesus that his daughter was brought back to life. Sometimes in our lives, we have become so used to a particular way of thinking, or we think we have seen it all, that we may fail to recognise Jesus in our midst, coming to heal us or bring us back to life. May we learn to discern and discover Jesus' presence, and put our faith and trust in Him, and let Him do what is best for us for His glory.

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