Tuesday 10 June 2014

Wednesday of Week 14 Year 2

Some of us have been actively and enthusiastically seeking wealth, status, fame and recognition here on earth. In our pursuit for all these things, we may have committed many sins to get where we are today or to achieve what we covet or hope for. However, are we aware of the consequences of our actions, especially with regards to our spiritual well being? Some of us think that we can procrastinate, take things easy and put off looking seriously into our spiritual well being until it may be too late.

In today's reading, Hosea cautioned Israel that "their heart is a divided heart and they must pay for it." When we look at hindsight, we see how Israel was punished and went through much painful purification and cleansing. Even then, it was still not easy to get Israel to change and repent. We too could be in the same boat, the same situation. This is why Hosea advised Israel, and advises us today: "Sow integrity for yourselves, reap a harvest of kindness, break up your fallow ground: it is time to go seeking the Lord until he comes to rain salvation on you." Are we still thinking we can carry on with our lives the way we are now? Let us not be deceived, our time is short.

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