Tuesday 24 June 2014

St. Martha, Memorial

If a VIP (Very Important Person) were to come to your house, how would you react? Some of us may become quite excited and begin to frantically look for good food and drink to serve the VIP. Some of us may become cautious with what we say or how we behave, hoping to make a good impression with the VIP. What if that VIP is Jesus? What would we say or do?

In today's Gospel, Martha became very busy and distracted with all the serving, while Mary chose to sit down at the Lord’s feet and listen to him speaking. There is nothing wrong in preparing something for our guests and to see that they are comfortable, but Jesus is inviting us not to be too concerned about the serving. It is better, like Mary, to spend more time with Jesus, letting Him to talk to us, care for us and enrich us with His words.

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