Saturday 7 June 2014

Friday of Week 13 Year 2

When we go about in our daily efforts in proclaiming the Good News, who or what sort of group do we go for? Some of us may have become quite comfortable with reaching out to a certain group based on their income level, status, or place of residence. As a result, we may be less inclined to visit areas such as the slum areas, areas which we perceive to be bad or undesirable areas, or even areas which are occupied by squatters. Others may have become quite comfortable with reaching out to a certain language or ethnic group. This may be due to the fact that our language skills may not be so good.

However, today's Gospel reminds us that Jesus did not come to call the virtuous but sinners. Jesus reminds us that what God wants is mercy, not sacrifice. Often we may offer sacrifice because we have the means to do so or we may be doing so for our own glory, our own gratification. But by being with tax collectors and sinners, the very persons which the Pharisees shunned, Jesus is showing us that we should follow His example and be loving and merciful to these types of people. They are the ones who need spiritual guidance and nourishment, instead of being despised or looked-down upon.

Are we guilty like the Pharisees in picking and choosing only those who seem ok or may later be beneficial to us? Have we forgotten our duty to preach the Good News to all?

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