Wednesday 18 June 2014

Friday of Week 15 Year 2

Some people can go to extremes in their behaviour and attitude, especially when it comes to the sabbath. For some, sabbath is a time where absolutely no work is done. In some hotels, it seems that during the sabbath, the lift to the rooms is programmed so that it would stop at each floor. Seems like even pressing a button to go to a particular floor is considered work. On the other hand, there are people who do not bother about the sabbath. They continue to go about in their business even during the sabbath. To them, the sabbath is an especially good time to make money or to do other things.

In today's Gospel, we see the Pharisees who have taken the observance of the sabbath to the extreme. Even doing good is forbidden to them. This is why Jesus reminded them: "What I want is mercy, not sacrifice." In our lives, are we observing the sabbath for the right reasons? Or have we become like the Pharisees, only observing but without love or compassion towards others?

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