Monday 30 June 2014

Thursday of Week 18 Year 2

Persons in authority could sometimes begin to become too comfortable with their position. When they were first promoted to a position of authority, they may have behaved in a certain way, perhaps with humility and trust in the Lord. But as the years go by, would they be able to continue maintaining such behaviour? Perhaps some may be able to do so, but what about the others?

In today's Gospel, we see Simon Peter being praised and then given the keys of the kingdom of heaven. We do not have any elaboration in the Gospel on how Simon Peter reacted towards such an honour and responsibility, but shortly after that, we see Simon Peter being admonished by Jesus and was even said to his face: "Get behind me Satan." Perhaps Simon Peter was influenced by the evil one to remonstrate with Jesus. Perhaps Simon Peter was genuinely concerned and did not want the Lord to be taken away.

But whatever his intentions may be, we can learn from this incident that authority is not for us to misuse, authority is not for us to think that we know all the solutions, nor is it a means for us to lord it over others. Authority means we need to do as Jesus tells us with love, patience and humility. Also, this incident reminds us that at times, we may be an obstacle to God's plan, especially if we try to interfere with matters instead of being trusting and humble towards God's Wisdom. Things happen for a reason and it is not for us to try and reason everything. Are we able and willing to walk humbly before God, and serve Him faithfully with trust and perseverance?

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